Grace After Grace

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Read John 1:14-18

What is this grace to which John refers–Jesus “full of grace and truth” (vs. 14)? John says, “Indeed, we have all received grace after grace from His fullness” (vs. 16). “Grace and truth came through Jesus Christ” (vs. 17).

This grace came into the world at Christmas. “The Word became flesh and took up residence among us” (vs.14a) The Word, the Logos, the incarnation and revealer of God the Father, lived among us in order to die for us.

John “observed His glory, the glory as the One and Only Son from the Father, full of grace and truth” (vs.14b)  John walked with Jesus day by day.  What must it have been like to follow the Man Without Sin?  To eat with Him, to sit at His feet as His student, to witness His miracles, to look in His eyes? 

John saw Him transfigured on the mountain, when His face shone like the sun as He talked with Moses and Elijah.  John heard the voice from the cloud proclaim:  “This is My beloved Son.  I take delight in Him.  Listen to Him!” (Matthew 17:1-6 HCSB). 

John also saw Him disfigured and dishonored on the Cross, only to rise again in His new, immortal body and later ascend to heaven.

Yet those of us who have not seen Jesus but still believed are blessed too.  The Son has revealed the Father to us in all His grace, truth, and glory!

 God is love.  He is continually pouring forth His love, grace, mercy, and truth.  Like the sun, He cannot stop emitting His light, or else the universe would go dark.

In a great mystery, the Father revealed the Son, His Word to us; the Son revealed the Father.    This is the “grace after grace” which we have all received, ours to accept or reject.

Lord, I am amazed, thankful, and blessed by this grace.  You gave me Yourself.  You have shown me the Father’s love and forgiveness, poured out like Your blood.  You have not forsaken me, but You live in me by Your Spirit.

What a difference You have made in my life!  You satisfy my longings; I do not feel deprived when I focus on You.  You free me from the bondage of destructive habits and self-deceit.  Your truth has set me free.

When I slip back into compulsions and focus on my wants and anxieties, I remember the greater reality of my relationship with You.  I don’t have to “be all I can be” in the world’s eyes.  I don’t have to “get everything done.”  I can “abandon the outcomes” to God.

My relationship with You is primary, next are family and friends.  The cares of this world–work, finances, time management, illnesses, troubles of all sorts, and those everlasting chores–are far down the list of priorities.   Only a few things are necessary, and I long to choose the best.

I hear Your affirmation, Lord:  You are My child, and I have given you grace after grace.  Rejoice!  I give grace to the humble.  My grace is sufficient for You.  You are weak, but I am strong–strong to save you, strong to love you, strong to work in you and through you for My good purpose.  For by grace you are saved, justified before Me by grace.  You will have suffering in this world, but be courageous!  I have conquered the world, and You will see My glory.

What grace!