I Am the Voice

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IMG_2370First Sunday of Advent in our Journey Through John

Read John 1:19-28

John the Baptist declared, “I am the voice of one crying out in the wilderness:  Make straight the way of the Lord!” (John 1:23)

I have a friend who was homeless for over a year, sleeping on other folks’ sofas and floors as she looked for work.  Though she struggled with the Lord through issues of abandonment and fear, she continued to read her Bible, pray, attend church, and seek opportunities to share her faith.  Wherever she went, she was a voice for the Lord.

John the Baptist was called before birth not to make a name for himself but to prepare the way of the Lord.  He did not promote himself–he invited others to open their hearts to God.  He was only a voice in the wilderness, a wild and inhospitable world where he subsisted on whatever provisions (locusts and wild honey) the Lord provided.  He was rugged and roughly dressed, but people flocked to him, as sheep to a shepherd.

The religious leaders did not recognize him as the last of God’s Old Covenant prophets.  “What can you tell us about yourself?” they demanded.

John could have said he was cousin to the Messiah; he could have pointed to his Levitical heritage.  He could have told the miracle of his conception and birth–how an angel had visited his father, how he had been born to an elderly couple far past the years of childbearing.  But John said nothing about himself; he was only “the voice crying out” to any who would listen.

John was first to recognize the Messiah when Jesus came down to the river to be baptized (1:29).  He said, “I have seen and testified that  He is the Son of God!” (vs. 34) Soon even some of John’s own disciples left him to follow Jesus. 

John was not focused on advancing his “own” ministry.  Only Jesus mattered.

Lord, like my homeless friend and like John, I may find myself in a wilderness. Yet You have preserved my life, and You still provide for me.   I am an unlikely and unworthy servant, but You have called me.  I am not called to make a name for myself but to proclaim Yours.  Prepare my heart to recognize You where I am.  Straighten in me what is crooked, and smooth what is rough and unfinished.   Give me a willing heart to open my schedule, my purse, and my voice to serve You.    May I be a faithful voice to announce Your coming and lead others to You.  Amen.