Home, home on the range,

Where the deer and the antelope play,

Where never is heard a discouraging word,

And the sky is not cloudy all day. . . 


With all the discouraging things in my life as a child, I filled the empty spaces with encouraging words and music whenever I could.   On the way back from school I sang popular tunes like “Home on the Range.”   Lugging library books in my aching arms, I imagined myself a cowgirl riding alone and free on a faithful pinto pony.  I giant-stepped over sidewalk cracks or slogged through slushy puddles while the theater in my mind produced poems and long, long songs I rehearsed over and over.

But when a friend walked with me, it seemed like just a minute and I was home.

I still like walking, but my alias is now the Freeway Queen.

Life isn’t an open range or a wide-open freeway.  No GPS warns us what boulders block the way.  Sometimes we skip for joy with the wind of the Spirit behind us.  Other times we barely make it up the hill.  Darkness comes, and GIANT DESPAIR is on our heels!

We need encouraging words, encouraging music, friends, and faith to guide us home. 

On this website I share encouraging words and music God has given me in my pilgrimage: ENCOURAGING WORD DEVOTIONALS, photos, songs, and stories–please feel free to share with your friends!

KIDS’ MUSICALS features some songs from PILGRIM’S PROGRESS, a musical based on the allegory by John Bunyan.  This play has inspired hundreds of kids along with families, churches and schools.  The memorable script and unforgettable songs build kids’ faith through the humor and drama of Christian’s journey.  http://satterfieldmusic.com/category/pilgrims-progress-songs/

Please write me at contact@satterfieldmusic.com for more information on musicals.