Pilgrim’s Progress: The Musical

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Once in a dream, wrote John Bunyan,  “I saw a man dressed all in rags, with a great burden on his back.”  He was reading the Bible and crying as he read.  “This is the City of Destruction! What can I do to be saved?”  But everyone in the city laughed at him and his question.

      1. Kids Sing City of Destruction
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His friend Evangelist warned Christian not to stay there.  “Follow the light,” Evangelist said.  “Don’t stop, no matter what, until you reach Celestial City.”  So Christian ran away, carrying nothing but his Bible and the ugly load of sin on his back. 

      2. Kids Sing Pilgrims Gotta Progress

The burden was very heavy, and Christian was all alone.  But soon he saw someone coming to meet him.  It was Wordly Wisdom.  “Don’t listen to Evangelist,” he said.  “You must take this other road to Mr. Legality’s house.  He will help you get rid of your burden.”

But the other road led right up the side of a mountain!  The earth shook, and Christian fell down, too frightened to go any further. 

Suddenly Evangelist found him.  He took Christian back to the straight and narrow road leading to the Cross.

      3. Kids Sing Nothing But the Blood

At the Cross something amazing happened.  Christian prayed and confessed his sins to God.  The burden fell off his back and rolled away. Angels brought him a new, clean robe to wear.  They directed him to the Celestial City.  Christian went on his way singing for joy.

      4. Kids Sing Shout-About Day

Now Christian was no longer alone.  A friend named Faithful had followed him out of the City of Destruction.  But a news reporter named Talkative did her best to delay them.

      5. Kids Sing Talkative's Patter Song

Hurrying along, they met Evangelist, who warned them of danger ahead.  The pilgrims had to pass through the city of Vanity Fair, the home of Worldly Wisdom, Talkative, Mr. Envy, and the infamous Judge Hategood.  Christian and Faithful were arrested, tried, and found guilty of the truth.  Faithful was taken to Heaven, and Christian was thrown in jail.  But one of the townsfolk, Hopeful, dared to free him. 

Hopeful and Christian found rest at the River of Life, but the road soon turned away from that pleasant place.  The track was rough and rocky.  So the pilgrims crossed over the fence to an easier path.  Unfortunately, it led into the wilderness, where they were lost in darkness and storm.  They crept into a little shelter only to be discovered by Giant Despair!

      6. Kids Sing Giant Despair

Down in the dungeon of Doubting Castle, the pilgrims were tormented by Giant Despair and his wife, who told them they would soon be eaten.  But Christian remembered the key of Promise in his pocket. 

      7. Kids Sing For Every Prison There's a Door

When the Giant appeared again, the pilgrims defeated him with the Word of God and escaped! 

      8. Kids Sing I'm Walking in Sonlight

Christian and Hopeful walked on toward the Celestial City, which they could almost see from the Delectable Mountains.  After many more adventures, they came to the Enchanted Ground.  Christian became very sleepy.

      9. Kids Sing Arise

Just in time, Hopeful woke Christian from the deadly spell.   Now they could see the gate of the heavenly city.  They rushed up to the river bank, but there was no bridge.  Fear came over them, but they encouraged each other with the promise of God from Isaiah 43.

      10. I Will Be with You

Crossing the river, they arrived at the gate.  Friends who had followed them gathered to greet them, including Faithful and Christian’s wife.  As they entered the Celestial City, the Lord Jesus Himself welcomed them to their journey’s end and reward!

      11. Kids Sing Death

This play is based on the book  Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan (1678).  Songs were recorded in a live performance by kids ages 6-13 Children’s Musical Theater at First Baptist Church, 2008. 

Words and Music by Lela Satterfield. © 1993 by Lela A. Satterfield.  All rights reserved.

For information, please write Lela at contact@satterfieldmusic.com or on Facebook.  Read about the musical at http://satterfieldmusic.com/kids-musicals/


PILGRIM’S PROGRESS  is the most famous work of John Bunyan, a tinker by trade,who began to preach in defiance of the Anglican Church in 1657.   Crowds flocked to hear him at the Free Church of Bedford and in barns and fields, wherever his great horse Ironsides carried him. 

      But Bunyan never forgot his sinful youth.  He was devoted to the Word of God.  Jailed for preaching, he passed the time preaching to other prisoners and writing the allegory PILGRIM’S PROGRESS.  The book became a best-seller even in his era and has been read worldwide.  This book has been a favorite of many Presidents, scholars, and great men and women of faith for 350 years!